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Greetings All,

This has been a busy year for my family and I. Both the wife and I are still in college and hope to be done at the end of next year.

We started bowling again at the beginning of the year and have been having fun with that. We finished the farm-house remodel and moved in about seven months ago.

Once we moved into the house, I more or less claimed the basement area for woodworking projects. I have built a few items that have been needed in the house, but nothing major.

A couple of months back I noticed that I have no way of making something to give to people. If there is an auction for charity or some other need, there is nothing for me to give. I cannot exactly give networking in an auction or field target. I decided that I would try my hand at carving in wood. Since I now had the space to carve and I already had a Dremel, I looked for my first item to carve.

I had just made an oak desk for my wife and I. On my desk I made a keyboard tray cover that flipped up. I decided to replace the cover and poplar and try my hand at carving on it. Here is the result of my first carving with a Dremel.

Keyboard Tray Carving

I bought a 1×12 piece of shelving board and began brain storming. I asked my oldest son what he would like me to try to carve for his room. He stated, “The tomb where Jesus was raised from.” We searched on the internet for images that are more realistic of what would have been. Here is the result of what we found and I drew on the wood.

Cameron's Carving

Next, I asked my youngest what he would like me to attempt to carve. He said, “Dad, I want a guy riding a bull!” So after much looking on the internet I found an image I could use as a sort of template. By this point I had purchased a new tool that has very small bits and turns the tiny bits at 400,000 RPMs. This is the tool I used to carve Dalton’s picture. Here is the result.

Dalton's Carving

My neighbor’s birthday was coming up, so I decided to make a sign for him. Here is what I made.

Craggy Hope

The tool I bought states it can also carve on glass. I gave glass engraving a try and gave this to the pro shop owner we had come to know from bowling.

BAPS Glass

This tool I bought it used quite a bit for gunstock carvings. I am not completely done with my gunstock on my .223, but here is what I have done so far.

Coyote on 223

I have a few more pictures of other items I have put on the stock. I will upload them later.

Here is a family sign that I made for a friend of mine. I thought it turned out pretty nice.

Hargrove Sign1

Hargrove Sign2

Hargrove Sign3
For now, that is all I have. Christmas is right around the corner and the semester is about over for my wife and I. We are looking forward to the break from homework.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and may God bless your day



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