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Woodcarving – first carving   2 comments

After making a few family signs I realized I wanted to use hand tools and move a bit slower. After selling most of my airgun items I spent near $500 in tools and began to carve.
Here is my first attempt at relief carving, a lowered background sign.


I have carved several signs and other relief carvings, along with a few gunstocks. So far, I enjoy the gunstocks and the hand carving the best. Next is letter carving.

Have a blessed week!



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Airgun Stock Carving   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

I love carving and below is some of my work on an airgun stock of mine. It is a Theoben MFR with a factory stock. I am carving airgun stocks for all interested at reasonable prices. If interested, please email me and let me know.

Buttstock of MFR

Buttstock of MFR

Close up of eagle

Close up of eagle

Stars in flag

Stars in flag

Full view of flag

Full view of flag


Close-up of grips, basket-weave with a bit of scroll on top and bottom

Flag and grips are same on the other side.

Flag and grips are same on the other side.

Here is another scene on my .223 I did. I was having fun with this one. :)

Here is another scene on my .223 I did. I was having fun with this one. πŸ™‚

PRICING: For everything I did it on the MFR, the cost would be around $500. But most people are not going to want everything I did. For big images, like the eagle, it would be about $100 per image. Small images are $50. Of course if someone is wanting something with more detail it will be more and less detail will be less. Grips are about $50 per side. Β The pricing will vary due to stock changes.

If you have questions, just email me. I will response as quick as I can.

Have a blessed week!!





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Whats New?   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

This has been a busy year for my family and I. Both the wife and I are still in college and hope to be done at the end of next year.

We started bowling again at the beginning of the year and have been having fun with that. We finished the farm-house remodel and moved in about seven months ago.

Once we moved into the house, I more or less claimed the basement area for woodworking projects. I have built a few items that have been needed in the house, but nothing major.

A couple of months back I noticed that I have no way of making something to give to people. If there is an auction for charity or some other need, there is nothing for me to give. I cannot exactly give networking in an auction or field target. I decided that I would try my hand at carving in wood. Since I now had the space to carve and I already had a Dremel, I looked for my first item to carve.

I had just made an oak desk for my wife and I. On my desk I made a keyboard tray cover that flipped up. I decided to replace the cover and poplar and try my hand at carving on it. Here is the result of my first carving with a Dremel.

Keyboard Tray Carving

I bought a 1×12 piece of shelving board and began brain storming. I asked my oldest son what he would like me to try to carve for his room. He stated, “The tomb where Jesus was raised from.” We searched on the internet for images that are more realistic of what would have been. Here is the result of what we found and I drew on the wood.

Cameron's Carving

Next, I asked my youngest what he would like me to attempt to carve. He said, “Dad, I want a guy riding a bull!” So after much looking on the internet I found an image I could use as a sort of template. By this point I had purchased a new tool that has very small bits and turns the tiny bits at 400,000 RPMs. This is the tool I used to carve Dalton’s picture. Here is the result.

Dalton's Carving

My neighbor’s birthday was coming up, so I decided to make a sign for him. Here is what I made.

Craggy Hope

The tool I bought states it can also carve on glass. I gave glass engraving a try and gave this to the pro shop owner we had come to know from bowling.

BAPS Glass

This tool I bought it used quite a bit for gunstock carvings. I am not completely done with my gunstock on my .223, but here is what I have done so far.

Coyote on 223

I have a few more pictures of other items I have put on the stock. I will upload them later.

Here is a family sign that I made for a friend of mine. I thought it turned out pretty nice.

Hargrove Sign1

Hargrove Sign2

Hargrove Sign3
For now, that is all I have. Christmas is right around the corner and the semester is about over for my wife and I. We are looking forward to the break from homework.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and may God bless your day


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Winter – go away!   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

I am not been writing much here lately due in part to other responsibilities that have been keeping me busy. In reading Proverbs everyday I find it amazing how it still shows me something else to watch for and let God handle.

I wrote this on my Facebook:

When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, the foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest. Prov. 29:9 Which are you, the foolish or wise?

A fool always loses his temper, but a wise man hold it back. Prov. 29:11
Which are you, the foolish or wise?

Be wise and trust God in your steps today.

I read a few verses in Proverbs this morning and those are the questions I posed to myself. To which, the questions can also be posed to yourself.

On a different note, I am ready for winter to be over. I am glad to be able to hunt coyotes (especially since we have four new calves on the ground), but I am ready to get back to FT. I have a Theoben MFR now and won the TN state match with it. I really would like to start practicing more with it. We are planning on going to a match in March and hopefully be wrapping up the remodel on the farm house and of course moving in.

However, we (the wife and I) picked up an old hobby from over ten years ago. Before we were married I use to go with Dawn and her family to a bowling league during the week. I ended up working at two bowling lanes while I was working on my associate degree. We both loved bowling but just got out of it over time. In January we picked it up again and bought new gear. It has been fun bowling again and finally getting a 600 series (209, 224, 207) again after all these years.

I hope to put some of my writings from my master’s degree on my blog. I usually receive a good grade but I have to put in some work. Once I make it through this class (Systematic Theology 1) I will post my research paper.

As you can see, I stay busy! Perhaps when I am done with college I can slow down some. πŸ™‚

Until next time,
In Christ,


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Humor – Don’t forget about it   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

It has been a while since my last post. There has been a lot happening around this house. I have changed out airguns again and I think I found a winner. Dawn is now shooting with me at the matches and having fun. My graduate degree is harder than expected and I found out the other day that Liberty has been accepted to “increase the bar” for academic requirements – which will put them on the same level as Harvard and Yale. The boys are growing up fast and continue to entertain both Dawn and I.

Well, apart from the day-to-day items, I found this image today and it reminded me of something.

There are Christians, some I have talked with, who feel that one should not be humours. The serious Christian should always be serious about all topics and subjects. However, this is not the case. I do not wish to go into the various scripture that shows humor in the Bible, but know that we are not to be stiff about everything.

This point comes with knowledge and understanding about when is good and when is poor humor. The preacher who prayed the “funny” prayer at the Nashville Super Speedway this year is an example of poor humor and very poor judgment. When a Christian tells horrible jokes (not suitable for children or women), that is an example of poor humor.

There are many, many facets to this discussion, but know this – God made a “funny bone” for a reason. πŸ™‚ I make jokes and do silly things quite frequently.

That is it… just wanted to remind everyone ( the two people who read this blog πŸ™‚ ) to have some humor!


In Christ,

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The County Fair   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

The family and I went to the Wilson County Fair twice this year. If you live in middle Tennessee then you might just know about the fair and the joy of going.

The first night we went was the first night the fair was open – Friday August 12th. To our surprise there were not as many people as we expected. When entering the fair at 5:00pm, what do you do first? Well, find something to eat of course! Off we went and found something each of us liked. We found a nice little spot to sit down and enjoy the “fair food.”

After the food we decided to kill some time before a friend of ours performed on a local stage. I suggested the tractor pulls. Well, what else is better than tractors with big engines!? πŸ™‚ We watched a few pull and enjoyed watching these big tractors kicking up dirt.

It was time to head over to one of the several music stages and watch one of our friends perform. He is a Christian Country artist and has won several awards. He has told me the awards before but the names escape me. At any rate, Rene and his wife did a wonderful job and it was great to see him again and of course hear him sing.

Rene’ Jones and wife Edie (Rene

After Rene, we discussed what we could go to next. Well it was easy to hear the loud engine noises in the background – so it was decided to work our way back over to the arena to watch more tractor pulls. However, now the larger engine tractors were going and were quite loud – mmmmm… horsepower!

Since I was using my Canon SX30IS – I decided to try the movie function and tape a few of the pulls. We did not stay for all of them but here is a little video of a few pulling.

Wilson County Fair – Tractor Pulls

After the tractor pulls, the family packed up and went home.

A few days later we decided to go back. We went mainly through the portion of the fair that is static called Fiddler’s Grove. We watched a few shows and my youngest gravitated toward the old restored tractors. We began talking to a gentleman about his tractor. The gentleman from Portland Tennessee took up with our youngest and asked if he would like for him to start up his tractor. Of course Dalton’s eyes lit up and he shook his head rapidly as kids do.  Here is a short video I took with my phone.

Afterwards, the gentleman asked if both kids would like to ride around on his other smaller tractor. The boys had a blast riding on the old tractor.

Here are a few pictures from Fiddler’s Grove I took with Droid phone.

In the last picture, look at the number of cars in the background. Yes, this fair is one of if not the best in Tennessee. One item, among others, that aid in the success of this fair is the absence of alcohol. Alcohol is not allowed to be sold or consumed on the premises. This has and will continue to yield an environment family friendly.

All-in-all it was a fun time for all. We ate things we probably should not have, had fun watching shows and events, and played a few games – to which Dalton won a little prize. If you happen to be in middle Tennessee about mid-August next year – I implore you to stop off at the Wilson County Fair. It is well worth the price of admission.

Until next time,
God Bless you and your family,


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Savage 25 LV-T   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

Some time ago I made a little video about my .223 Savage I purchased for coyote hunting. Well, I forgot to post the link here so here is the video.
The video is very short and is not meant to be in-depth. It is only meant to show what the rifle can do with factory loads. I have since go into reloading and have a nice load that the rifle likes. I will post information later.

Here is the little cheezy video. Enjoy.

Until next time,

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