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Jeff has a number of hobbies and interests. This blog is an outlet for the various items and activities he enjoys which include – studying the Bible, wood carving, chess, and whatever else happens to be added.

Jeff has pastored several local Baptist churches and is currently attending West Hills Baptist Church in Lebanon, TN.  Jeff have been married to the greatest wife on the planet since 1997. Jeff and Dawn have two sons (Cameron and Dalton) and live in beautiful Tennessee.


2007 – A.A.S in Computer Networking Technology, Cum Laude (Nashville State Tech)

2010 – B.S in Religion (Liberty University)

2013 – M.A in Biblical Studies (Temple Baptist Seminary)


Posted February 25, 2010 by avv604

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  1. May God be with you thru all off your efforts.

  2. http://www.austin-sparks.net/index.html Sparks is a Christian writer. Hope you enjoy. Found your site while reading about air rifles. I have a .25 Marauader.

    • Greetings Alan,

      Thank you very much for the link! I hope you enjoy the .25 Mrod. I have been told it is a tack driver.


  3. hey Jeff I think I saw your video on YouTube about your click chart and I thought that was pretty cool I want to make one myself but I’m a bit confused. See I have a ar15 22 rifle with a long range scope. It has a yardage knob on the left of the scope, on the top is up and down and right is left and right… Also in the middle of the scope you can twist it and it zooms in on the target. But my question is. Is that I’m not sure my gun is sighted in all the way. Because the knotches always get moved by accident. For example I sight my gun in at 25 steps ruffly sighted in. And say that I wanted to make a click chart. Wouldent I mess up the sighting if I try and make a click chart? Is it possible we can talk threw Facebook so I can send you pics of my scope
    ? -Eric

    • Hey Eric, I don’t have an AR15 rifle but have other rifles. In regards to the click chart, you have to use repeatable measured distances for the chart. Your steps will not be the same every time. You will not mess up the sight-in because you can always put it back to zero, which is your sight-in distance. You should use a tape measure or a laser range finder (not a accurate but works for long distances). Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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