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Greetings All,

Today at my farm we had a nice fun practice FT match. Pat, Harold, and I setup 10 lanes. The match was a standard 10 lanes, two targets per lane, 3 shots per target for a total of 60 shots. To add to the fun Roz and Cliff came over also. There was one lane we decided to split between kneeling (1 per) and standing (2 per target).

With the Nationals just around the corner, we all wanted to get in some more practice. Roz brought a TX200 that he had been cleaning and testing out. The TX had a beautiful stock and seemed to shoot well.

My wife shot with me with her pistol but since the kill zones where much smaller than what a pistol match would be, she shot just for extra practice.

Pat was having some problems with his USFT, drove back home, grabbed his EV2, and shot the match with his EV2. He had been having problems with his EV2, but he stated it seemed to be shooting better.

Well, it was a wonderful day for shooting; however, the wind was very gusty. Just guessing I would say the winds varied from 5 to 20 or 25 mph. Given it was an open field this made the difficulty rise quite a bit. Also, the wind was constantly shifting. On some shots I would have to change my wind correction two or three times. So a great day for wind practice! J

After all was over my wife ordered some pizza and we sat around a talked a bit.  It was a great day of shooting with a great bunch of guys (and my wife – of course :).



Jeff      AA S400         JSB 8.4            Bushnell 8-32              40

Pat       EV-2               JSB 8.4            Nikko 10-50                33


Cliff    TX200             CPL                 B/L 6-24                      41

Roz      TX200             CPL                 B/L 4200                     32


Harold   EV-2             JSB Express    Leupold 35x                52

Afterwards we setup a few lanes for a pistol match. My wife and Harold shot 5 lanes with two targets at each lane. My wife asked me to leave off her score; however, given that this is her first real practice match ever with a pistol I think she did great – especially with the crazy wind conditions today. It was a great day of fun. I am glad everyone could make it out. Hopefully next time perhaps Steve Vines and John B. can make it. They were missed.

Here are a few pictures from today. 🙂

Setting Up Lanes

Shooting Off-Hand

Look at the wind flag on Harold’s gun. It was that much wind. 🙂

Mr. Roz

Until next time,



Posted October 1, 2011 by avv604 in Airguns

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