Field Target: Range Finding and Clicking   8 comments

Greetings All,

I decided to make a quick video describing the process of range finding a target with your scope and clicking (changing the elevation). This process, when actually shooting, does not take that long, but when describing the process it seems like it does.

Here is the video. 🙂

Please let me know if you have questions.

In Christ,

Posted September 12, 2011 by avv604 in Airguns, How-To

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8 responses to “Field Target: Range Finding and Clicking

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  1. Hey,

    Nice vid BUT.. you can make your life easier with Chairgun.
    It can tell you the clicks 🙂

    • Greetings Kazzz,

      That is very true and that is where I started. Chairgun Pro does give you a good starting point. However, real world will always prove to be a bit different. I started at 55 yards with my chairgun number and Brad Troyer’s numbers (usually more accurate) and check everything back to 10. I found more than half of the numbers were a few if not several clicks off. But in general it will get you very close. I believe it took around 200 to 300 pellets to check everything and after messing up a few times, check everything again. 🙂

      Another time saving item is to put your paper target in a kids wagon with 55+ yards of string/rope attached. Then you can pull the wagon back to you without really getting up that much.

      As always, thanks for the comment. I forgot to mention Chargun.


  2. Very nice video Jeff. With rain in the not to distant future, I may pull down a copy of chair gun and try it out. How many videos in this series do you plan to make? Your timing of making these videos is perfect as I try to gain ground in a return to even shoot my first match…

    • Greetings Johnnie,

      Thank you for the comment. I hope to make several more videos. However, the content at this point is uncertain. I want to make a video of what it is like going through an actual match. Perhaps one of what one can do for practice?

      I was going to make one about basic equipment but it seems that may be unneeded plus it varies so much I would hate to pose an opinion and it yield an unfavorable result.

      What do you suggest for videos? What would you like to see? Tuning videos? Something else?

      In Christ,

  3. How about a view on the equipment with it’s relevance to the sport. i.e. The “Bum Bag” although somewhat self explanatory, it is built to a spec for field target. There is the cheek and knee risers, shooting coat (if used). Breathing control. Do a video of the target itself… how it operates etc. Setting up a light trigger…

    • Greetings Johnnie,

      Good ideas. If reviewing equipment would be beneficial for you and others – I will do it. Thanks again for the comment. Hope to see you tomorrow at Roz’s. 🙂

      • Here is one from a total newby… how do you use the mildots on a scope set to 12X for Hunter class? Quite honestly, I do not know how to use any kind of scope, as I have little to no experience shooting… there, I said it. I’m inexperienced. But you do not have to video that one, I’m sure I will learn my scopes as I progress.

  4. Could you please provide a link or more detail as to what “Chairgun” is? Brad’s blog has gone silent or it moved. Last post was in 2010

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