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Field Target: Range Finding and Clicking   8 comments

Greetings All,

I decided to make a quick video describing the process of range finding a target with your scope and clicking (changing the elevation). This process, when actually shooting, does not take that long, but when describing the process it seems like it does.

Here is the video. ūüôā

Please let me know if you have questions.

In Christ,


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Field Target – What is it?   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

After numerous conversations with individuals about airguns and field target I decided to put together a series of videos to give that particular information in an easier format.


If you have any other questions about airguns or field target thus far, please post them below.
If you like the video, please throw a “thumbs up” on the video.

Here are a few links as a follow up to the video.
American Airguns –¬†
FT Forum –¬†

This sport really is a lot of fun and considerably cheaper than rimfire.
Next time, I will go over some equipment and the basics for getting started.

Until then, shoot safe and above all – enjoy the day!


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