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Greetings All,

The family and I went to the Wilson County Fair twice this year. If you live in middle Tennessee then you might just know about the fair and the joy of going.

The first night we went was the first night the fair was open – Friday August 12th. To our surprise there were not as many people as we expected. When entering the fair at 5:00pm, what do you do first? Well, find something to eat of course! Off we went and found something each of us liked. We found a nice little spot to sit down and enjoy the “fair food.”

After the food we decided to kill some time before a friend of ours performed on a local stage. I suggested the tractor pulls. Well, what else is better than tractors with big engines!? 🙂 We watched a few pull and enjoyed watching these big tractors kicking up dirt.

It was time to head over to one of the several music stages and watch one of our friends perform. He is a Christian Country artist and has won several awards. He has told me the awards before but the names escape me. At any rate, Rene and his wife did a wonderful job and it was great to see him again and of course hear him sing.

Rene’ Jones and wife Edie (Rene

After Rene, we discussed what we could go to next. Well it was easy to hear the loud engine noises in the background – so it was decided to work our way back over to the arena to watch more tractor pulls. However, now the larger engine tractors were going and were quite loud – mmmmm… horsepower!

Since I was using my Canon SX30IS – I decided to try the movie function and tape a few of the pulls. We did not stay for all of them but here is a little video of a few pulling.

Wilson County Fair – Tractor Pulls

After the tractor pulls, the family packed up and went home.

A few days later we decided to go back. We went mainly through the portion of the fair that is static called Fiddler’s Grove. We watched a few shows and my youngest gravitated toward the old restored tractors. We began talking to a gentleman about his tractor. The gentleman from Portland Tennessee took up with our youngest and asked if he would like for him to start up his tractor. Of course Dalton’s eyes lit up and he shook his head rapidly as kids do.  Here is a short video I took with my phone.

Afterwards, the gentleman asked if both kids would like to ride around on his other smaller tractor. The boys had a blast riding on the old tractor.

Here are a few pictures from Fiddler’s Grove I took with Droid phone.

In the last picture, look at the number of cars in the background. Yes, this fair is one of if not the best in Tennessee. One item, among others, that aid in the success of this fair is the absence of alcohol. Alcohol is not allowed to be sold or consumed on the premises. This has and will continue to yield an environment family friendly.

All-in-all it was a fun time for all. We ate things we probably should not have, had fun watching shows and events, and played a few games – to which Dalton won a little prize. If you happen to be in middle Tennessee about mid-August next year – I implore you to stop off at the Wilson County Fair. It is well worth the price of admission.

Until next time,
God Bless you and your family,



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