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Relaxing A Bit Shooting FT   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

Yesterday I went over to a friend’s house and had fun shooting FT. I took my new S400 air rifle to she how it is doing and how my numbers are.

We had a great time in-spite of the heat.

A bit of talking before the fun match.


More talking…

Pat’s course (part of it)image

Cliff at a lane.image

Pat and Roz enjoying the shade. Wow, it was hot.

Everyone now in the shade.image

Harold “the machine” taking a shot.image

It was a fun day to get away from Greek homework and relax with a few FT buddies. I really enjoyed the company and conversations.

Now I just need to get my rifle up and fully ready for the next match and the Nationals!

Later Gater,
In Christ,



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