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Q: (This question was posed by Dave here) If somebody has the ability and the opportunity to save the life of a child who is buried beneath the rubble after a natural disaster and is starving to death slowly, and yet does not save the child, then why is that somebody still worthy of worship? Would the outright neglect of that child’s life not be deemed evil?

Greetings Dave,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your question. I also want to apologize for the time-lapse in which I have not answered. To begin to answer your question, first I would like to clarify. Since an individual is not worthy to be worshipped, I will continue under the presupposition that the end of the question is meant to be, “…is that somebody still worthy to worship [God]?”

This question has a basis of an individual who does something wrong and then putting that action into degrees of wrong. For the Christian, this idea of doing wrong things is known as sin. One must understand that sin in and of itself has no degrees of greater or lesser sin. However, there are greater and lesser consequences of the poor choice to sin. If one chooses to go over the speed limit then he/she has sinned. However, the consequences of speeding increase as the speed increases.

Now, regarding the question at hand – it indeed is a horrible situation. Is it evil in this situation posed? Yes. Yet, this is the reason Jesus Christ died for our sins – so that all might have unconditional love and the promise of eternal life.  Humans will always fall short of being perfect – either in word or deed. Christ accepts who you are just as you are. There are no prerequisites for accepting Christ. One must only accept His gift.

The question does not specify whither it is a Christian or not (although implied), so I will presume it is a Christian that had left the child to die.

Why would the Christian still be able to worship God after leaving the child to die? Because Christ dying for our sins is unconditional and what an individual chooses does not sever the relationship. One is not able to complete enough good works and hope that on the “scales of justice,” when standing before God, the good works overcomes the bad decisions. One bad deed or decision does not revoke the relationship with Christ as we are but the receiver of the gift. The Christian is not the one who maintains the relationship and remains faithful as he/she is still imperfect and will still make poor decisions. Christ is the great maintainer and provider. Jesus is the one who continues to love the individual even when everyone else would deem them unworthy and toss them out with the trash.

I hope this will at least begin to answer your question.
Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

In Christ,


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