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Greetings All,

While driving to work this morning I was listening to a local Christian radio station. The radio station DJ stated that many people are afraid or ashamed of asking questions about Christianity or other things related. I have seen this all too often. When I was a young Christian I had many, many questions. Questions about evolution. Questions about religions and cults.

There were, however, some individuals who would state, “You don’t question God.” Could this be true? Any question that one has about Christianity or religion is to now be discarded under the general blanket of not questioning God? Of course this is not true and thus far I have found it to be an improper use of the Bible verse Matthew 4:7. This is not the case in every situation but in a general sense, in my occurrences, I have found it to be true.

What is a Christian, or non-Christian searching for that matter, to do then? After the years of my own searching and studying, many of the questions I had have since been answered. Have I answered all of my questions? No. With this in mind, I would like to extend an offer. Granted a limited offer, but an offer nonetheless. Email me or post comments regarding questions you have. As the questions come in, and of course I will screen them, I will post the questions and the answer I have found.

Of course this is nothing new. I am not breaking ground on questions and Christianity. However, I know that sometimes someone can word the same answer in a different manner and it now makes sense.

The questions I receive, and ones that I have personally, will be posted under the title “C&Q” and the category “C&Q” so one can search for the questions easier.

In Christ,



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  1. If somebody has the ability and the opportunity to save the life of a child who is buried beneath the rubble after a natural disaster and is starving to death slowly, and yet does not save the child, then why is that somebody still worthy of worship? Would the outright neglect of that child’s life not be deemed evil?

  2. Greetings Dave,

    Thanks for your question. It would depend upon how one defines evil and what one attributes evil with. Some determine evil works to mean a loss of salvation. Some might deem evil to also be synonymous with sin and thus one could reword your question to be, “… not be deemed sinful?”

    I will answer the other question in a new posting.
    Thanks again for your question.

    Jeff A.

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