Hawke Sidewheel Project – Part 1   1 comment

Greetings All,

After having the toilet flange side-wheel for a while, I decided I needed something that is about have the circumference width. I saw a posting on the FT forum where someone took a cutting board and made their own side-wheel. Well, I have just enough tools I figured I would try the same thing. I purchased an $8 cutting board from Publix and began drawing.

I started with what I already had. I took off the side-wheel and began laying out some lines on the cutting board.

Here is a picture of my workshop. Front porch workshop city.

The starting point with the flange and existing side-wheel.

Basic Outline to start from.

Now that I had a basic outline, I needed to figure out how to use the existing rubber insert in the Hawke side-wheel. This would take quite a bit of though as there are several ways I saw that could be implemented. I wanted something that was able to be migrated to another Hawke scope (I am hoping to purchase a tactical later on).

As I pondered and cogitated, I continued to refine the drawing a bit.

Below is a picture of what I ended up with. Next is the cutting. We shall see if I can it all to work.

Hopefully part two will be wrapping everything up. šŸ™‚




Posted February 21, 2011 by avv604 in General

One response to “Hawke Sidewheel Project – Part 1

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  1. Nice Jeff! Waiting for Part 2!

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