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GOB Match – First run this year with Mrod   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

I was able to make it to a match today and it was a very nice day for a FT match. I have not completed the amount of testing that I wanted with pellets and hold-over, but shot anyways.

Pat O’brien was nice enough to put a report of the match. Here is the FT Forum posting:

February 2011 match at the GOB

Beautiful day for FT at Rox’s Hollow. It was in the 60’s and no rain for a
change. Rain is expected again tomorrow and Monday. For the most, wind was not a
problem. There were a few gusts here and there. We had 9 shooters today and all
had a great time, though some of the scores were a little low. David Brown was
missed by all. John and Tammy Blount were able to make it and we were all glad
to see them back.

Roz Sumpter was high score overall in the PCP class with his MFR and a 53/60.
Harold Rushton finished a close second overall in the WFTF class with his Steyr
and 51/60.

David Slade had a 43/60 for second in the WFTF class and was tied with Steve
Vines who had a 43/60 in the piston class.

Jeff Aweduti was with us today and got a 38/60 in the Hunter class with a
Maurader. Good to see him back again.

PCP class –
53/60, Roz Sumpter, MFR, Nikko 10-50, JSB 10.2
17/60, Pat O’Brien, EV-2, Nikko 10-50, JSB 8.4

WFTF class –
51/60, Harold Rushton, Steyr, Leupold 35X, JSB 7.9
43/60, David Slade, Rapid FT, B & L 8-32, JSB 8.4

Piston class –
41/60, Steve Vines, TX200, B & L 4200, JSB 7.9
39/60, Charles Garvey, HW97, Leupold 35X, JSB 7.9
9/60, Ray Ditzenberger, TX200, B & L 4200

Hunter class –
38/60, Jeff Avveduti, Maurader, Hawke Sidewinder, Kodiak
13/60, John Blount, Discovery, Hawke 9X, JSB 7.9

Some of the competitors are headed south soon to participate in either or the
Texas and LA. matches. David Slade plans to have a match at his place around the
last Saturday in March.

Hopefully as the year goes on I will be able to increase the score. Also, I plan to purchase a stock later on in hopes that will help the scores also.

Here are some pictures from the match today.

Squirrel target with tiny kill zone

Second squirrel target with tiny kill zone

Checking rifle with chrony

Pat sighting in with new EV2.

A few shooters talking about airguns.

At the lane, preparing to shoot

Here are some pictures that a fellow FT shooter took. (Link)

Here I am at the lane, taking a shot.

And my rig hanging out…

Well, that about wraps up this day. I had a fun day hitting some targets and talking with fellow airgunners.

Until next time, get out there and live life and laugh a little at it.




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Hawke Sidewheel Project – Part 2   7 comments

Greetings All,

Well, I finished the side-wheel for my Hawke Sidewinder 6-24×56. The sidewheel is a combination of two ideas I found on a forum. One idea – which I completed – was to use a toilet flange on the existing Hawke 100mm sidewheel(Forum Post Link). I followed the directions and made it work. I created all my range markings and all worked well. I noticed that I was using just under half of the wheel (7″ in diameter). I found a post by Paul Bishop who created a side-wheel from a cutting board for his scope (Homemade+sidewheel+and+scope+knob). I decided I should be able to make a sidewheel that would be half the circumference.

In part 1 I showed how I started out with the cutting board and drew out what I wanted to do. I did not want to buy a bunch of cutting boards so I end up spending a lot of time contemplating and cogitating over how I was going to accomplish this.

So where is where we left off…

Before cutting out the outside of the board, I determined cutting the inside areas first would be easier. I used my Dremel and a few drill bits to cut out the holes.


There are three different size holes (1 1/4″,  3/4″,  and 1/2″), so I just used the corresponding bit and drilled the holes. Easy. For the Hawke rubber insert, I measured and found I needed to drill out 1/8″ inch and down 1/4″ so the insert would fit flush but not fall out the back. I did so with the Dremel. I also cut out two notches so it would slip over the knob.

Hawke Insert shown flush with board.


Next, I cut out the outside of the wheel with a jig-saw. In hind-sight, I found a Dremel cutting bit that would have worked better. Smoother cuts probably, but too late now.

With the wheel cut out, I started sanding all the edges. Once that was complete, I drilled and tapped four holes for set screws. These would be used to tighten down the rubber insert to the scope knob.


With the holes tapped, I needed something on the front to hold the insert in. At Lowes I found a large rubber washer that did the trick. I got some stainless screws to hold the washer and all seemed to be working so far.

When I went to do a test fit, it fit better backwards – so I left it at that. It has a cleaner look anyways.

Test Fit


Now that all seemed to be working, it was time for some paint. I bought some plastic paint from Lowes and took the wheel outside for some spraying. Lowes only had gloss black, but I would have preferred flat black. After two coats of paint, here is the result.

Here are some pics of the set screws.

And finally, some pictures with the sidewheel on the scope. You can see the toliet flange in the picture for comparison.

A closer picture of the yardage markings. You can see it is a bit wider than the previous setup.

All in all, the cost for the cutting board, screws, etc. was close to $20. Now granted, this is not as nice as a CNC machine sidewheel – but it is a lot cheaper. If I was going to do it again (I may later down the road), I would buy black plastic from here. That would cut out the cost and hassle of painting.

That wraps up another edition of front porch workshop. Until next time….


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Hawke Sidewheel Project – Part 1   1 comment

Greetings All,

After having the toilet flange side-wheel for a while, I decided I needed something that is about have the circumference width. I saw a posting on the FT forum where someone took a cutting board and made their own side-wheel. Well, I have just enough tools I figured I would try the same thing. I purchased an $8 cutting board from Publix and began drawing.

I started with what I already had. I took off the side-wheel and began laying out some lines on the cutting board.

Here is a picture of my workshop. Front porch workshop city.

The starting point with the flange and existing side-wheel.

Basic Outline to start from.

Now that I had a basic outline, I needed to figure out how to use the existing rubber insert in the Hawke side-wheel. This would take quite a bit of though as there are several ways I saw that could be implemented. I wanted something that was able to be migrated to another Hawke scope (I am hoping to purchase a tactical later on).

As I pondered and cogitated, I continued to refine the drawing a bit.

Below is a picture of what I ended up with. Next is the cutting. We shall see if I can it all to work.

Hopefully part two will be wrapping everything up. 🙂



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