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Greetings All,

On our farm, there are a few coyotes that are seen from time to time. Well, last year I decided I would begin predator hunting and start with our coyotes. After much reading, DVD watching, and several failed attempts – yesterday yielded results.

I had arrived at my all too familiar hunting spot on the side of the back field hill and began my setup. At 25 yards, downhill, I put out my little e-caller and my new MOJO Critter. Once settled in and applied some cover sent around myself, I began calling. After about 15 minutes or so I decided to rest a while. About five (5) minutes later I saw a coyote approaching from the left about 250 yards out. There were many trees in the way but I could see him slowly trotting to the sound he once heard.

The coyote crossed the creek and stopped about 160+ yards directly in front of me. A perfect side shot. I aimed and pulled the trigger to hear “click.” Oh my, a misfire perhaps? The coyote at this point spots the MOJO critter and starts walking toward it. I quietly cycle another around and take aim again. My heart is about to pound out of my chest and I have lost all knowledge gained thus far. I could only repeat “put the dot on him and pull trigger. Put dot on him and pull.” I nervously put the middle crosshairs/dot on the chest and jerked off a round. I felt I probably missed and quickly raised up to see where he went. The coyote was hit and spinning in a circle. In a few short minutes, the coyote stopped moving.

Rifle – Savage 25 LV-T
Scope – Hawke Eclipse 4-16×50
Round – Sierra Match King 69gr BTHP
Decoy – MOJO Critter
Shot length – 114 yards

I am now ready for the next hunt. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some people do not understand just how aggressive coyotes can be.ย  Here is some recent stories about what and/or who a coyote has killed or injured.

One can say with certainty that coyotes are a vital part of the ecosystem; however, over population runs into major issues. I am not a deer hunter, but I am a varmint hunter. I also know there is a limit to anything that is hunted.

Here is some further information from the TWRA site.

Until next time,

In Him,


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4 responses to “First Coyote

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  1. You don’t have to defend yourself, they are mean bastards and their numbers are too great, loosing fear of humans. Coyotes are smart and cleaver. Above all, survives. They truly are the worth thing to have around your home and farm. Especially with kids around. They have been known to work in packs killing humans too.

    • Greetings M,

      You are correct, but I took the opportunity to share a bit of information. Some people I showed did not like it too much, so I thought it would be good to have a spot that had some links to stories and information.

      Thank you for your comments. It is much appreciated. Have a great week M.


  2. Thank you! One less varmit is a good thing, what price do the pelts bring these days?
    We see 10+ coyotes per day (they ate 200+ of the neighbors Goats this year) and hear many more every night.
    They are pretty smart as they stay off our property.
    Good shooting!

    • Greetings John,

      Thank you sir. I am not sure about the pelts or pricing.
      If you were close to where I am, I would be happy to come help with the ‘yote problem. ๐Ÿ™‚


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