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Greetings All,

After caching for a few months our family has hit a few milestones. The first milestone is our 100th geocache find. Finding 100 geocaches has been nothing short of a blast. My wife and I never knew finding little hidden treasures would be so much fun.

(GC1BN13) Ladycoop’s Lost Letterbox

I love how our family can go out, find some little hidden treasures, find places we would not normally find, and all this done as a family. In today’s time, we are all very busy. I should know about being busy. Finishing a college degree, full time job, husband, dad, etc. However, the wife and I try to find time here and there for geocaching.

On November 1st, the AvvFamily hit another milestone in Geocaching. We found a 5/5 cache. You may not understand what that is at first. If you read some of the articles, watch a few videos about some harder caches on YouTube, then you have an idea of how hard these are to obtain.


There are numerous other pictures we have taken with us finding these caches. Finding a 5/5 (difficulty =5 and terrain = 5) was no easy task. We went back to the GPS location four times before we finally figured out where the cache might be.  After using some brawn, we found the cache.

Until next time, go spend time with your family – go Geocaching!

In Him,


Posted November 5, 2010 by avv604 in General, Geocaching

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