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New scopes, New season, and Wrapping up   2 comments

Greetings All,

Well, there has not been much time for inputting entries on the blog. I have some things I would like to get posted, but just have not. I need to post how I got the Marauder settings on the .22 to stay without plugging up the back hole. I have almost completed my comparison of the FX Whisper and Benjamin Marauder and I have some other subjects I would like to write about; however, other items have kept me pulled away.

New Scopes

Well, this past week and this week coming I am outfitting everything with new scopes. I purchased two used Hawke Sidewinder scopes (1 – 8-32×56 and 1 – 6-24×56) for the air rifles and a new Hawke Eclipse SF for the .223 centerfire. A few weeks ago I purchased a Savage 25 LV-T in .223 to start predator hunting. In Tennessee the longest shot I foresee is less than 200 yards. So the Eclipse (4-16×50) seemed to be a perfect match. With all the new scopes, I have been mounting and leveling the cross-hairs of each.

The Hawke Sidewinder 6-24 will go atop the .22 Marauder. The plan is to use it has it has been used thus far, a wonderful varmint rifle out to 100 yards. However, at 24x I will not be able to hold-over to 100 yards. So I will need to click to re-zero the rifle to 100 yards. I must first, however, map out what this might be. So I will need to spend some time on the home rifle range and determine what the clicks are. I have a reference sheet I printed off from a website, but I am sure it is not accurate but will get me very close. So I will need to map it out manually.

The Hawke 8-32 is now atop my .17 Marauder as I prepare for FT competition next year. I will be moving out of the hunter class and into the open class. But here again I will need to prepare the rifle first. The regulator is still working wonderfully and still shooting at 875fps consistently. So I plan to spend some time next spring and work out all the details needed. I also hope to set up a small course at the house for practice. Time will tell.


New Season

With the new Savage in hand and finding the rifle likes the 69gr BTHP (boat-tail hollow point) Sierra King Match bullets, I am just waiting for the new scope to arrive to begin my predator hunting. I am not interested in deer hunting. Why you may ask? Quite simple actually, for me anyways. On the farm there are cattle that we take care of. The deer do not try to eat or kill any of the cattle. However, coyotes will corner and kill a calf. Coyotes will also kill deer and other animals (house pets included). For this and many other reasons, it why in Tennessee coyotes are open season year round. I plan to hunt on our land to begin with and go from there. Like groundhogs, the coyote can destroy a great deal on the farm. Unlike the groundhog, the coyote can and has attacked humans.


Wrapping Up

I am in my last eight week semester for my BA in Religion at Liberty. The homework has been taking the majority of the time. So I have not been able to pause and write the way I would like. This semester I am in two classes (Genesis and Church History) and it is more homework than I would like – but it is my last two classes. The 12 year journey has been a good one and a long one, but I at least am close to claiming victory. I have been in college (full and part-time) for 12 years. I have about six or so more years to go – if things go as I would like. Time will tell. The last day of classes is December 17th and the 18th will be a family party at some local restaurant.


For now, that is about it. Until this semester is over, I will be fairly wrapped up in school. However, one must find time for other things as well – so Geocaching with the family and predator hunting will take some of the time. Perhaps I can work in some sleep and going to my job here and there. 🙂


Until next time,

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy God’s wonderful work!

In Him,


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Geocaching – 100th find and 5/5   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

After caching for a few months our family has hit a few milestones. The first milestone is our 100th geocache find. Finding 100 geocaches has been nothing short of a blast. My wife and I never knew finding little hidden treasures would be so much fun.

(GC1BN13) Ladycoop’s Lost Letterbox

I love how our family can go out, find some little hidden treasures, find places we would not normally find, and all this done as a family. In today’s time, we are all very busy. I should know about being busy. Finishing a college degree, full time job, husband, dad, etc. However, the wife and I try to find time here and there for geocaching.

On November 1st, the AvvFamily hit another milestone in Geocaching. We found a 5/5 cache. You may not understand what that is at first. If you read some of the articles, watch a few videos about some harder caches on YouTube, then you have an idea of how hard these are to obtain.


There are numerous other pictures we have taken with us finding these caches. Finding a 5/5 (difficulty =5 and terrain = 5) was no easy task. We went back to the GPS location four times before we finally figured out where the cache might be.  After using some brawn, we found the cache.

Until next time, go spend time with your family – go Geocaching!

In Him,

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