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Greetings All,

Well, in the quest to find the one Bible I can settle in with it has been a struggle. I believe that journey has slowed for the time being. The current versions of the ESV single column seem to have better Bible paper and not a much bleed through with highlighters. So I decided to purchase one, but the retail price (even with a pastor’s discount) was too high at $80 for genuine leather.

In the quest to find a cheaper price, I came across a place selling genuine leather ESV Single Column Reference for $29.99! What could be wrong with this Bible? Well, here is the description from the seller (here).

Like New. Used Like New, no missing pages, no damage to binding, may have a remainder mark.

At the most there might be a mark on the Bible from a retail seller. So I decided to take a chance. Shesh, at $30… why not! 🙂 Well, upon arrival today I found the edge of the ESV box was crumpled just a bit. However, the Bible inside was still in the plastic with no marks of any kind! A new leather Bible for $30 and the retail is $80, that screams of a good deal to me.

Here are a few pictures of my older Cambridge NASB wide margin and the new ESV.

NASB Wide Margin – Notes; Compair to ESV Single Column

ESV Single Column and it’s first notes.

With my hand, dandy, 005 Micron pen – I am able to fit quite a bit of notes on a page. Plus there is the additional space created due to the verse format. If the NASB publishers would put their references on the other side, like ESV did, then I would have stayed with it.

Here is a picture of a few of my Bibles for comparison.

Don’t miss out on a good deal. Go grab a new ESV.

Until next time,



Posted August 4, 2010 by avv604 in Bible

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