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Greetings All,

This past week has been busy with homework (as always),  and other projects. I just finished my Revelation/Daniel class and moving into the last few classed in my BA. Hopefully but the end of fall I will complete my BA in Religion (finally).

Building A Box:

Over the past week I have been working on a nice little lane/rifle box for my FT matches. At the last match I found I carried quite a few items to the match and did not care to do this again if I could help it. I was paired with Cliff and has a nice Gun Tote he purchased. I really enjoyed how when he would move the next lane, the Gun Tote was carried and contained all he needed for the next lane. Cliff would sit down between the lane markers, retrieve his TX from the Gun Tote, site in and range the target, and then obtain a pellet from the already opened tin on the tray. In viewing his Gun Tote, I decided I could build something similar.

Beginning my cogitation process, I quickly remembered the 3/4″ plywood at the barn. I began to feverishly sketch drawings of a gun caddy that would have tray areas and not high side. With paper wads flying to the trash can, I finally drew something very similar to the Gun Tote. I envisioned the measurements in my mind, the height, width, the length of the rope for the handles. Every detail of what might be raced through my brain.

Knowing my lack of carpentry skills, I reviewed my plans with my father-in-law. Given his life-long experience in this general area, I was confident he would be able to show the errors in my plans and make suggestions. As it turns out, he reviewed the plans, eye-brows raised, and a few questions were posed. Upon answering the questions, he gave a hearty laugh, wadded up the paper, threw it across the room hitting the front door, and proclaims “Now we can begin to draw up some real plans!”  Okay…. so none of that happened. My father-in-law reviewed the plans and made a few simple suggestions to keep the box a bit cleaner in appearance.

I made a trip to Home Depot, searched out for the needed products, purchased them, and burned rubber back to the house. Alas, it was already night so I would have to begin the project the next day. Over the next four days I took my time and tried to make sure I did things properly. Well, that did not happen but the ending is an a goal achieved.

Here are a few pictures of the progression to the ending gun caddy.

The Rough Beginning

Commence the Sanding

Coming Together

Drying Overnight

De Box… De Box!

Sighting In the Rifle:

Well, this past Saturday we had some visitors over. My wife’s cousin and his two sons. I have posted about the last time these three men came over and we did a bit of paper punching. Well now the oldest son, Johnathan, has acquired a .22 long rifle and was in need of sighting it in. Johnathan had been texting me most of the week and anticipation of the grand event. Upon their arrival, the two boys and I went over to my gun range. I have two lanes setup at my little “range.” One lane is 75 yards and the other is 100 yards (lasered). I had an old Leapers scope I let him “borrow” until the day he is able to get a scope. It is a nice little 3-9×40 Leapers and does the job. Johnathan had purchased some 1″ rings and quickly brought them out encouraging me to begin the installation.

I brought out the gun vice, got everything in order, and we began the fun game of “watch were the bullet hits so I know how to adjust the turrets.” After several shots and receiving blank stares from the question, “Where did the bullet hit gentlemen,” I got the rifle sighted in at 50 yards.  As the day was becoming far spent, I wanted to try to chrony the shots so as to be able to print a reference card for him. However, the boys were excited for now and just wanted to shoot some things!

In the Vice

After shooting at the bullet box for a while, we gathered the spinners I have at 100 yards and put them on lane one’s 50 yard mark. At one point the three of us was all firing at targets. How is this possible you say? Well, I brought my two air rifles. I would hate for Phineas and Ferb (.22 & .177 Marauders) to feel left out of the games. For the next few hours the three of us shot several targets and had some fun.

As the light began its decent and the night began its rule, Johnathan found he had about six shots left. We grabbed the chrony and trotted down to an area on the range where there was still enough light for the sensors to operate. I set it all up and we fired the six shots to see an average of 1228 displayed. Now having the data, all was picked up and we retreated to the house. I printed off a quick hold-over reference card and taped to the inside of the scope cap.

The night was rounded out with several rounds of Rock Band until close to midnight. What a fun-filled day for the two boys, myself, and the rest of the gang. We had all been talking and doing various activities for most of the day. It was a blessed day, for sure.

Well, until next time… shoot safe, have fun, and be blessed.



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3 responses to “Sighting in a new toy, building a box

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  1. Great job on the lane caddy! I meant to say something when we were at Pat’s house, you didnt say what paint you used and at least from a few feet it looked like Imron? You just need a little chrome for a “Grand Prix” box.
    Hope you can make the Inaugural shoot at Minor Hill.

  2. Very Very nice idea great job, thanks

    • Thanks! I have since built a smaller version and lighter. I hope to purchase a mill one day and make one our of aluminum.

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