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Greetings All,

Today I went over to Pat’s house for a day of target shooting joined by two other individuals. Little did we know Pat had set a nice five lane course in preparation of a 60 shot match. Pat is a gracious host and set a delightful course for the four of us. The course consisted of five lanes with two different distances (yellow and white markers) to begin at each lane. The “yellow” lane is where we began the match. After shooting all five yellow lanes (3 shots at two targets per lane with lane 5 having three targets at two shots each), we moved to the “white” lane. The white land added five yards to the all the previous targets.

Yellow and white lane. Yellow is five yard closer than the white lane behind it.

Steve starting at the yellow lane

Pat even gave us something nice and “easy” to shoot at. The “easy” target is 1/4″ kill zone and was changed later to a bit bigger. Pat changed the target before I got to it. Good thing, as I am most confident I could have missed all three times.

Good joke Pat. :)

Pat was shooting very well today,  as to be expected. I believe he cleared at least two lanes if not more.  Even though we kept up with the scores, it was more about the fun and discussion today.  For several hours the four of us enjoyed knocking down field targets and discussions of air rifles. Tammy was nice enough to take a few pictures.

As the morning turned into afternoon, shade became a premium area. A shooter was encouraged to take an abundance of time per shot so the other could remain in the shade. When the heat gave way to sweat in my eyes, then it became a bit irritating. However, the irritation was but for a moment as the target shown in my scope was taunting me, begging me to knock it down.  Some of the targets silenced the taunting when falling down, others remained erect and continued their taunt. “Another day my friend, another day” I thought.

Steve making it happen

Today was not only a day of fun, but a day of learning as well. I learned the bubble levels I have on both Marauder are junk. I learned I need a good accurate reference card in order to shoot better. I learned to be better prepared when sitting in the sun half the day as you will burn (yes, I did burn… nice bright red; and yes, I know better). I learned this new hobby of mine is more fun than most anything I have encountered.

All in all, as mentioned before, today was just a delight and a great way to spend half the day. Shooting at target with great people. Great people and great fun, one cannot ask for any more from a hobby.

Pat, thank you so very much sir. I was expecting a bit of target shooting and was presented with a 60 shot match. A tremendous setup and tremendous hospitality.

Also, thank you Tammy for taking some (most 🙂 ) pictures of today’s “match.” That is some good shooting tex.

Here are a few more pictures from today. Enjoy! 🙂

Well all, that is about it. It was a fun day and I look forward to next time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful forth in celebrating this nation’s Independence. The next time you see a man or woman who has or currently serves in the military, please shake their hand and tell them “thank you.”  These men and women have and still fight for the greatest nation in the world.



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  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the write up, the company, and taking the time to add to our pleasure in a little simple target shooting.
    It really is about more than just shooting airgins, hopefully more and more people will come to know this.
    John & Tammy

  2. great !

    jack signorella

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