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Greetings All,

I have been very busy with homework this week and was not able to post this until now. This past Saturday evening (6/5), I made walked around the house with the .22 Marauder. Now that the garden is starting to come up good, I need to keep a close eye on the rabbits. I quickly saw a little rabbit and fairly close. I guesstimated him to be at about 30 yards (later lasered at 35). I put the mil-dot about the cross-hair on his head and pulled the trigger. The rabbit fell over instantly.

I grabbed my laser rangefinder and walked over to the rabbit to make sure I did not just wound him and found something wonderful. The head shot was just below the eye. I really like this Marauder. I turned to my left and see a small figure in the distant. It appears to be a rabbit. I lasered the rabbit at 76 yards. There was an old metal gate just to the right of me with old chicken wire on the front of it. I sat on the ground and stuck the rifle through one of the square holes. Looking at my reference card I know what mil-dot to use. I take a deep breath, let out some of the air and hold. Gentle squeeze of the trigger and …. THUMP! I hit the rabbit but he hopped away. That is strange, I know I hit him in about the middle of his body.

I walked down to where I shot him at and began to search. Perhaps he was in the bushes hiding? About 10 feet from where I shot him lay the rabbit. A nice 76 yard shot for the .22 M-rod.

Here is a photo of the two rabbits. The larger, top rabbit is the 76 yard shot.

Next is to attempt to lock the Marauder settings. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can post some pictures and information.

Until next time,


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  1. Nice shooting, Jeff. Those Marauders are hard to beat for the money. Sure wish I could have got out this spring squirrel season in my part of the country, but I’ll have to wait until fall now.

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