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Greeting All,

This past weekend I was working with both my Marauders. Checking the FPS and groups of each rifle. Well, since we have the garden out now (very small garden) I knew keeping away the various animals would be key. Rabbits are one of the main critters that will chew down your crop before you can say ecclesiology.

While benchrest shooting, I was keeping an eye on the field behind my target. After a while a rabbit came out from under the brush into the open field. I lazered the rabbit to be at 70 yards. Since I did not have my reference card yet for the .22, I would have to work off of memory. If memory served me correctly, about the third mil-dot down was about 70-72 yards.

I moved the .22 Marauder and the bags into a better position and took aim. I placed the third mil-dot in the middle of his head and gently pulled on the trigger. The 18 grain JSB pellet zips from the barrel and hits the rabbit just below the ear.

Here is the 70 kill with the Benjamin Marauder

I have been getting good results with both M-rods. Now I just have to figure out how to lock the settings in place.

Until next time…


Posted June 4, 2010 by avv604 in Marauder

2 responses to “Marauder Earning Keep

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  1. I have had the best results in long range shooting with my 22 mrod with the JSB monsters and the 21 grain kodiaks. They both back so serious power for small game! I was able to get 35 powerful shots at 38 foot pounds with the kodiaks. I have it tuned down a bit to 32 foot pounds for more shots. Should be plenty out to 50 yards keeping the coons and birds from eating my prized koi!!

  2. Greetings Lee,

    I have had great results with the .22 also. Here recently I pumped up the M-rod a bit so it shoots the 18gr JSBs at just over 900fps. I don’t get the nicer FPS spread but still get about 20 shots. I nailed a blue jay in a tree lasered at 62 yards.

    Also, if you put the specs into ChairGun, 32 fpe is good out to 100yds. These rabbits were taken when the rifle is configured for only 30fpe. Granted there is not much energy at 100yds, but it is still around 12fpe. That is like taking a 12fpe FT rifle and shooting a groundhog at point blank range. With good placement, it is enough. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the comments!

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