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Greetings All,

This past Saturday I intended to test the .177 Marauder and see if all the settings were still in place. Well, after a bit of testing that evening it began to rain. No lightning, but plenty of rain. As I watched the H2O fall from the sky, both of my sons joined me under the gazebo. The plan was to wait a few minutes and then continue on as planned. This was not the case and the rain continued to tumble from the white cotton candy in the sky.

I called my wife on her cell phone. My wife was just inside the house, about 25 yards away, but trying to yell across the yard seemed pointless. I asked her to view the weather radar and see if it is about to quit raining. Her reply was not a favorable one. The falling H2O was sluggishly moving toward East Tennessee. “Well, drat” was my reply.

I informed my sweet wife that the boys were wanting to play in the rain. She replied by stating she use to play in the rain when she was little (provided there was no lightning). Play in the rain? Why would one want to play in the rain? This activity is foreign to me. The possibilities for injury are limitless for such an activity. Yet, my sweet wife was correct in her statement, “Oh it is fun! There is nothing wrong with it as long as there is no lightning.”

Well, between the confessions of my wife and the anxious desired looks of my boys, I decided it would be okay. I would just have to monitor them…. of course. 🙂 I gave the “Okay” and the boys darted into the rain. It would seem this activity was quite enjoyable for both boys. I called my wife again and asked her to take a few pictures of the boys playing. Of course, I wanted to snap some photos too. So after she told me she took a few pictures I ran to the back door, grabbed the camera in the case, ran back to the gazebo, and began to take a few pictures.

Here Dalton is letting the water running off the gazebo and fall onto his head.

Here is Cameron doing the very same thing.

My sweet wife took this picture of me waiting out the rain under the gazebo as Dalton drinks the water falling off (yuck!).

After about 45 minutes, the rain moved out. Dalton and Cameron were disappointed the rain quit. So they decided to go back inside and stay in the remainder of the evening. The boys have another precious memory tucked away. I….I now have a great memory of watching the boys play in the rain and recalling the verses about child-like faith. What a tremendous God I have.

Until next time… same bat time, same bat channel.


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