A Fun Day of Paper Punching   1 comment

Greetings All,

My wife’s cousin and his two boys came out for an afternoon of hitting targets. Since I got in the new pellets, I had plenty for hitting paper for hours.

After a while, the dad joined in to “show up” the boys.

Jonathan (the oldest) and Andrew (youngest with dark hair) both really enjoyed shooting the Marauder. They both are now asking their dad for a Marauder of their own.

Here are the two brothers dueling it out.

Here is everyone together while the dad and Andrew shoot away. 🙂

Even though there was a bit a rain on and off, we were able to stay underneath the covering and keep shooting.
The dad and both the boys had a blast! Well, and you know I had to do a bit of shooting to. 🙂

Another reason to love air rifles. Today, the air rifles brought a family together for great fun and great conversation.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Posted May 16, 2010 by avv604 in Marauder

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