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Greetings All,

For about a week or more I have been having horrible groups with both Marauders. This morning I tried some pellets I received from Pyramyd Air and things are looking much better.

Marauder .22 Grouping Tests

I started out at 25 yards with the .22 and using JSB Jumbo (16g), Crosman UltraMag, and Beeman FTS pellets. The JSBs did pretty well, much better than the Baracuda (5.51 head size) pellets. The groups were perhaps about 1/2″ at 25 yards. The Crosman UltraMag did a bit better than the JSBs. The Beeman FTS pellets did the best but there were a few fliers. I am not sure why there were fliers. Perhaps something with the breech entry.
I was going to take pictures of the groups but it rained before I could take the picture.

Marauder .177 Grouping Tests

Here is a picture of my setup and my FT rig. πŸ™‚

Here is a picture of just the .177 rifle. I really enjoy both the Marauders

One can see by the closer picture, for the groups I am removing as much of myself as I can. I have the Harris bi-pod extended with the butt stock resting on a bag. I align the crosshairs where I want, reach in with my left hand and gently pull the trigger back. This seems to be giving the most accurate results for groupings (plus I don’t have the money for anything else).

Well, it seems the old .177 Marauder I received is back. I tested the UltraMag pellets in the .177 and found these are very good match for this gun. Given, these are not sorted pellets or even Crosman Premier Heavy pellets. These are the cheap-o pellets one might find at a Wal-Mart.

Washing the Lubing the Pellets

I knew the Croman pellets were dirty so I washed the pellets a few times. Then I placed them in a paper towel and on to a paper plate. I used a hair dryer to dry the pellets. Once dry, I used about 4-5 drops of FP-10 to lube the pellets. I placed them into a zip lock bag (with FP-10 already in) and rolling them around for a while. I did this process for both the .22 and .177 pellets and in small batches.

.177 Marauder Groups

The groups were wonderful but a bit high and to the left. I re-zeroed in the scope and started practicing at 13 yards back to 25. Here is the results.

On the circles where I missed, it was more me than the pellets. The first row under 3/8″ was me sitting in my FT position at 25. The next row is where I started at about 13 yards and worked back to 20 yards. At the sight in line, the third circle from the left, that is a four shot group. Not bad right. πŸ™‚

Well, this goes to show you that the pellet does matter. Now I am going to need a scale to start weighing pellets and prepare for the next FT match.

Until next time,


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2 responses to “Marauder groups – .22 and .177

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  1. Question!

    Pre regulator…..Post Regulator.

    Any differance in accuracy

    • Greetings Jerry,

      I have not done any testing as of yet. I can say it seems to shoot better. I shot in the GOB FT match yesterday and my score was better.

      I hope to have some groups later this week.


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