Rainy Day and Making FT Targets   3 comments

Greetings All,

When the rain does not stop and most of the places you want to go have over a foot and a half of water blocking the way, what do you do? You find things around the house to make a target out of.

I was perusing through a drawer and found some nuts and bolts for a project that I was going to do (err….a few years ago). What can I do with these? I know, I will take some 17 gauge electric fence wire, wrap it around the bolt and viola – a target!

I found some old enamel model car paint and decided to do something simple. Just paint them flat yellow so I can see them. After a while, I had a visitor to my office and asked what I was doing. I informed my oldest son, Cameron, I was making targets to put out at the gun range. He asked if he could paint also. Well, since there is not really enough room at my desk, what can I do? Move to the nice dining room table of course!

Here is my master painter finishing one of the targets. Concentrate young Skywalker.

After a few hours of cutting jokes and painting the rest of the bolt and washers, all is complete. Here are a few pictures of the completed targets ready to be shot.

My wife stated, “They are too pretty to shoot at.” I am inclined to agree; however, they will need repainting after a few afternoons. So I look forward to another evening of touching up the targets with my son.
What a blessed day it has been.
In Christ,


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3 responses to “Rainy Day and Making FT Targets

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  1. That is so awesome Jeff! Lots of dads might have said “I’m painting target, now go somewhere else and play!” Instead, you let him join in on the fun and bond with you. :O)

  2. he paints better than i do lol

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