Marauder Project – .177 Tuning (Part 2)   4 comments

Greetings All,

For now, I am done with this caliber. I messed with the settings very little and ascertained the results I was looking for. I am able to get approximately 20 consistent shots.

Just to define a few terms again. If one turns both the hammer spring and the hammer striker left (counter-clockwise), both will stop. The Crosman post, as I here, have deemed this zero (0). Here is the starting point and the reference point henceforth.

A summary of where I started today:
Hammer Spring (H): 2 1/4 turns from 0
Hammer Striker (S): At 0

Yesterday I did a bit of tuning and this is where I ended up at. However, it can be refined and needs to be. The 23 shot sting I received yesterday yielded these results.

Hi – 929
Low – 900
Average – 916
Extreme Spread – 29
Standard Deviation – 8

Since there was rain off and on today and this evening, I was not really able to target practice. So I decided I would refine the Marauder a bit and see if I could get the ES down a bit. The FPS is now about where I want it to be. Here are the numbers and tuning.

Beginning fill pressure: ~2250 psi
H: -1/4 ccw; S: -1/2 cw turn
884, 890, 889, 902, 911, (2200psi), 910, 917, 911, 917, 918, 922, 915, 922, 917, 921, 924, 920, (2000psi), 922, 921, 920, 918, 915, 918, 915, 913, 908, 908, 903, 905, 902, (1800psi)
Total – 20 good shots
Hi – 924
Lo – 902
Average – 914
Extreme Spread – 22
Standard Deviation – 6

Until I receive the regulator, I am finished with the .177 Marauder. The .22 still needs some refining, but for now will work okay for hunting.

Final Summary of .177 Marauder Tuning:
H: 2 1/2 cw turns from 0
S: 1/2 cw turn from 0
Metering Screw: 2 3/4 turns from bottom. (With the metering screw I ended up just moving it in or out very slightly from 2 1/2 turns until the FPS was about right.)

Well, I hope this helps someone out. If anything, I have the steps taken documented and I can reference them later when I decide to “fiddle” with the settings. 🙂

Until next time, may God bless your journey.



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4 responses to “Marauder Project – .177 Tuning (Part 2)

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  1. Nice! But I’m counting 27 good shots… 25 if you start at 2200 PSI.

    – Orin

    • Orin,

      You are correct; however, I was thinking in terms of an extreme spread of around 15-20fps. So, I am counting from the first 911 to the last 913. My reasoning is when shooting an FT match, I will not have to worry about much change in POI. Once I get the regulator then I will have about 50-60 shots. 🙂 That will be nice.

      avv604 (Jeff A.)
  2. OK! That’s about right where I am. Pretty darn close to the physical settings too. So are you cosidering ordering the regulator preset to 140 bar?
    BTW…have you ever gone through the Truth Project (Focus on the Family)?

    • Greetings John,

      Yes sir, I already have my name on the list for a regulator. Whenever the next batch arrives I will be getting one.

      I am not familiar with the Truth Project. I will look into that. 🙂

      Thank you,

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