Canon SX120 IS – A Quick Look   6 comments

Greetings All,

Just the other day I received my new point-n-shoot camera. Since I sold all my other camera gear, I needed something to take some quick pictures of the family and various other subjects. After some research, and my bias for Canon, I settled on the SX120 IS. Time will tell if it was the best choice.

10x Optical Zoom, large rear screen

Personally I do not feel there is a need to have a 10 megapixel camera. I did not choose the SX120 for that reason. In fact one of the first options I changed was moving the camera down to 6 megapixels. Why? Very few people are going to print large prints (11×14 or larger) and thus he/she will never use the mass of pixels. The digital cameras now are in a pixel war and for some reason the consumer seems to think more pixels = better camera. In most cases this is simply not true.

I needed something that would perform reasonably fast (take the picture), have a larger zoom (3x is not going to cut it :)), work well with the flash, remain compact, and be programmable. So far, this little camera meets all of my current needs.

Here are just a few pictures I have taken with the camera.

In completing some homework, my youngest decided I needed some company.
Dalton helping the time go bye.

There are a few items to notice in the picture of Dalton. First, the focus point is not where I wanted it. I wanted the focus point to be on Dalton’s eyes. I will need to see if I can control the focus point. Second, the fill flash has not blown out everything. In fact it is not bad at all. It is a bit hot, but not bad for a point-n-shoot.

In the second picture of Dalton, it is still a decent photo.

Even though Dalton is close to the camera, the little flash did not overfill too much. Of course the flash is nothing close to my old 580EX atop my old Canon 10D, but that is an invalid comparison. The colors seem balanced and not over done.

The last picture is one that I will be using for my post on the new Hawke scope I received.

Here I changed a few settings. I pointed the camera toward the background and let it expose for that scene. I made a quick mental note of the settings (shutter speed, F-stop). I pointed the camera back at the rifle, decreased two f-stops and the picture is not pretty balanced. The fill flash again is not over done, but it could have been a bit stronger.

Overall not a bad camera. Time is the real story teller of the camera. I will wait for the story to be told.

Until next time… “Sheldor off-line” -Sheldon, Big Bang Theory


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6 responses to “Canon SX120 IS – A Quick Look

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  1. cooll pictures…of the kid..

  2. I just ordered a sx 12 is today after our powershot a95 died.
    Thanks for your review.

    I hope the camera is good. Good tip about setting it down to 6MP.

    How is your camera now?


  3. Sorry for the typo. I meant to write SX120 IS.

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