Marauder Project – .22 Tuning, Discrepancies   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

Well it appears there is some discrepancies between my findings, the manual, and what others have found. On a Crosman forum, Bob has noted there are conflicts in my settings and what the manual states (link).

Bob kindly also posted what the Crosman manual states (link). Here is what he noted:

“To increase the energy, turn the hammer spring preload adjuster clockwise (fig 11A), up to 6 revolutions, using a ¼ Allen wrench.

NOTE: More revolutions will simply cause the adjuster to spin but will
not yield any higher force. Increasing the preload will be required to
facilitate use of higher fill pressures.”

I’m guessing you had the adjuster spinning and didn’t know it hence the 8 1/4 turns CW to bottom.

Since I am very much a newbie to air rifles, tuning, and the Marauder… it is likely I am missing a step or not noticing something. I am going to set everything back to the lowest setting and try to closely note my findings.

I hope to start again today to tomorrow and detail my settings.



Posted April 20, 2010 by avv604 in Marauder

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