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Marauder Project – Lightening the trigger   32 comments

Greetings All,

I have enjoyed having both the .22 and .177 Marauder. However, there has been one item that has bugged me. I would like to get the trigger lighter, but how? Well, I talked with my buddy John today (thanks John!) and he told me what he did. I changed his method just a bit so that one can go back to stock with minimal effort.

To begin,the parts list from Crosman is needed ( Click here ). I will reference the names they have designated.

The part I will modify is the torsion spring link (on page 6, 6U). This should take about 15 minutes and you have a very light and crisp trigger. To begin this modification, you will need some tools. Here is a picture of the minor tools you will need.

Remove the action out of the stock and remove the trigger casing cover (6B). I took the small flat-head screw driver and gently pried the cover off. The last little bit before the cover comes off I just gently wiggled the plate back and forth – the cover is off.

Take your needle-nose pliers and remove the spring… like so.

With the torsion spring link (6U) removed, all that is needed is to flatten out the bend (I used two needle-nose pliers to do this). This spring is what adds a great amount of tension to the trigger.

Here is the spring with the bend.

Here is the bend removed.

The trigger link spring (6L) is still putting tension on the trigger link (6E), so this part (the torsion spring link) is not really needed (as I am told).

Now, replace the spring and it now acts as a spacer. The trigger cover holds the torsion spring (now spacer) in place with no movement at all.

If you would like to go back to the previous setup, simply (and gently) put the bend back in the torsion spring.

This is also a good time to tune the trigger. You can very easily see how stage one and two are working. 🙂
That is it! I performed this modification on both of my Marauders. Now they have very nice light and crisp trigger with no added cost.

If there are any questions or I did not word something correctly, please just let me know.
If this helped out any, please comment and let me know. 🙂

Until next time,
In Him,


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It is good enough right? – Pseudo-Christianity   1 comment

Greetings All,

This past Sunday I heard a sermon at my church and the text was from Acts 24. The point of the sermon was what real Christianity is and what it is not. This subject does not really get enough press. Many churches are teaching and preaching a nice, friendly, watered down version of the Bible. The focus is more about reaching people for numbers instead of their soul. Conversely, the message of the Bible must be “trimmed” to please more people.

America has become too accommodating and tolerant. I have stated several times during voyages on the interstate or other locations with my wife, “that is the problem with being nice.” What is meant by that statement is many individuals are so engulfed in pleasing everyone else and “being nice” they negate the laws of the land or the Bible to accomplish this. Case-in-point, have you ever been in a church where there is “the gossip clan?” Most every church has individuals who are among this vibrant group. They are willing to discuss and determine every need and problem with the church (as a whole and individuals), yet they will not do as the Bible says (Matt. 18:15-20). Instead of going to the individual or the leadership of the church, they simply discuss and solve all the problems (real or fiction) themselves. Why? Because he/she does not want to be “mean” and just wants to “be nice.” Yet, the problem (if there is one) remains and the individual(s) who should know, do not.

An apt point brought up in the sermon is exterior church attitude. The preacher, Rev. Rodney Duckett, stated we have all come to memorize the “church answer.” If you are in Sunday School and the teacher poses a question, you know it should be about God, Jesus, love, or forgiveness. However, outside of church many have a different answer and attitude. I know of individuals who will never say a curse word in church (gasp!), but outside the church he/she can make a sailor blush (double gasp!). Is there anything in the Bible regarding speech? Well of course there is (Phil. 4:8; 1Peter 1:4; Eph 4:29; Col. 3:8; James 3:8-11); however, many do not read those portions of the Bible or skim past them. How many times have you lovingly confronted an individual regarding his/her speech?

In Acts 24 from verse 22-27, we see where Felix is trying to be nice to Paul. Here are the verses from the NASB.

22But Felix, having a more exact knowledge about the Way, put them off, saying, “When Lysias the commander comes down, I will decide your case.”

23Then he gave orders to the centurion for him to be kept in custody and yet have some freedom, and not to prevent any of his friends from ministering to him.

24But some days later Felix arrived with Drusilla, his wife who was a Jewess, and sent for Paul and heard him speak about faith in Christ Jesus.

25But as he was discussing righteousness, self-control and the judgment to come, Felix became frightened and said, “Go away for the present, and when I find time I will summon you.”

26At the same time too, he was hoping that money would be given him by Paul; therefore he also used to send for him quite often and converse with him.

27But after two years had passed, Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus, and wishing to do the Jews a favor, Felix left Paul imprisoned.

One cannot help but notice how much work Felix is doing just to be viewed as “nice.” He has knowledge of the Way (an early reference to Christianity), yet does not follow the Way. Here the points are made, in the sermon, that accurate knowledge and external conformity are not enough. This is many individuals in our churches, our work place, our state, our country. He/she just wants to do enough to have the appearance of Christianity, yet does not wish to conform to the Bible.

The question that must be posed is why such resistance to God’s Word? Why are there Sunday School teachers who teach one thing but live another? The short answer is sin. The long answer is outside the constraints of this meager blog. I believe Scripture has a very well balanced answer. “Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the hearts. To do righteousness and justice is desired by the LORD more than sacrifice” Prov. 21:2-3. We just want to do what we want and not what God desires for us.

Now the question is, what are you going to do next? Will you come to grips with the fact that God loves you and has these boundaries in place for your benefit? On the other hand, will you continue to be wise in your own eyes? It is your choice, by God’s design, to choose the former or the latter. Before your choice, know this. God’s way will always be the best and most beneficial. I am not referencing finances! Forget about money. Bring into focus that which matters more. Your internal peace, harmony, and eternal presence with the Creator.  Question: If you are always doing the speed limit on the highway, does it bring more stress or relief stress to see an officer of the law?  By obeying the speed limit, one has less stress as there is no longer a need to watch out for coppers. Choose God’s lighted path, not your own dark destruction. Practice the presence of true Christianity every day.

In Christ,

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Marauder Project – .177 Tuning (Part 2)   4 comments

Greetings All,

For now, I am done with this caliber. I messed with the settings very little and ascertained the results I was looking for. I am able to get approximately 20 consistent shots.

Just to define a few terms again. If one turns both the hammer spring and the hammer striker left (counter-clockwise), both will stop. The Crosman post, as I here, have deemed this zero (0). Here is the starting point and the reference point henceforth.

A summary of where I started today:
Hammer Spring (H): 2 1/4 turns from 0
Hammer Striker (S): At 0

Yesterday I did a bit of tuning and this is where I ended up at. However, it can be refined and needs to be. The 23 shot sting I received yesterday yielded these results.

Hi – 929
Low – 900
Average – 916
Extreme Spread – 29
Standard Deviation – 8

Since there was rain off and on today and this evening, I was not really able to target practice. So I decided I would refine the Marauder a bit and see if I could get the ES down a bit. The FPS is now about where I want it to be. Here are the numbers and tuning.

Beginning fill pressure: ~2250 psi
H: -1/4 ccw; S: -1/2 cw turn
884, 890, 889, 902, 911, (2200psi), 910, 917, 911, 917, 918, 922, 915, 922, 917, 921, 924, 920, (2000psi), 922, 921, 920, 918, 915, 918, 915, 913, 908, 908, 903, 905, 902, (1800psi)
Total – 20 good shots
Hi – 924
Lo – 902
Average – 914
Extreme Spread – 22
Standard Deviation – 6

Until I receive the regulator, I am finished with the .177 Marauder. The .22 still needs some refining, but for now will work okay for hunting.

Final Summary of .177 Marauder Tuning:
H: 2 1/2 cw turns from 0
S: 1/2 cw turn from 0
Metering Screw: 2 3/4 turns from bottom. (With the metering screw I ended up just moving it in or out very slightly from 2 1/2 turns until the FPS was about right.)

Well, I hope this helps someone out. If anything, I have the steps taken documented and I can reference them later when I decide to “fiddle” with the settings. 🙂

Until next time, may God bless your journey.


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Marauder Project – .177 Tuning (Part 1)   1 comment

Greetings All,

The storms are moving in here in middle Tennessee. However, this morning I was able to get in a few hours of testing before the storm rolled in. On a previous post I received a comment with a link to the crosman site. On the blog I found one entry that went over what he did to get the “best” performance. (You can read it here.) I printed off the portion I was interested in and setup this morning.

Here is my helper this morning. He wanted to “help” me setup. 🙂

After reading over the post, I was a bit perplexed. The author notes the stroke adjustment is 4.3. How can I get 4.3 turns? I could convert the decimal into a fraction. I decided I would revert to my 1/4, 1/2, and 1 turn method; however, I now will deploy a new method of clock values. This will aid in a bit more fine tuning to get the desired result.

Clock value defined: This is a very simply method and is used as a reference in many tasks. If the Allen wrench is pointing toward the 3 o’clock position, that is my starting point for the adjustment. I move the adjustment to the 5 o’clock position and make a note. You get the idea now. A simple reproducible system.

Here the Allen wrench is in the “3 o’clock” position when I adjusted the metering screw.
Allen wrench in the 3 o'clock position

My goal for this tune is to have a 2000 psi fill and get about 20-30 consistent shots within 20 fps. Thus I begin by taking the action out of the stock and setting everything to “zero.” I call it zero not because of what the rifle shoots, but a reproducible starting point every time. For the hammer spring and stroke adjustments, I turned (as the Crosman post stated and my previous post state) the hammer spring (HS) and stroke adjustment (Sk) counter-clockwise until it stops. For the metering screw, I turned it right or clockwise until it stops.

With all adjustments set to zero, I moved them to the starting points indicated in the Crosman post. They are as follows: HS – 2.25; Sk – 4.3; PSI fill – 2000; Transfer Port Adjustment or metering screw (Ms) – 3. For the Sk, I just started at 4 1/4. For the HS, I started at 2 1/4 turns clockwise and the Ms is 3 turns counter-clockwise.

My current psi in the Marauder was 2200 psi. I shot the PSI down to about 2050psi. I am using JSB Exact Heavy pellets for testing. Here are the numbers:

868, 866, 873, 872, 894, (almost at 2000 psi), 900, 903, 906, 918, (at about 2000psi), 932, 943, 936, 932, 946, 944, 946, (~1900psi), 951, 958, Err, 948, 948, 952, 951, 946, 945, 945, 933, (~1700psi), 941, 935, 931,929, (~1600), 928, 926, 923, 917, 916, 906 (~1500 – 1550 psi). Total – 26 shots starting at 932 and ending at 923

This is a real good start. I want to bring down the velocity and try to make the hammer stroke more efficient. I refilled to 2000psi, swapped to Barracuda Match pellets and shot a 20 shot string.

960, 957, 959, 956, 957, (~1800 psi), 955, 955, 951, 952, 950, 949, 944, 941, 936, 934, 930, (~1650-1700psi), 929, 924, 922, 918, (~1600 psi).

According to ChairGun Pro, for 19.74 fpe, the H&N Barracuda pellets need to be at about 920fps. I decreased the Ms from 2 to 3 (2 o’clock position to the 3 o’clock position), refilled to 2100 psi (to see if the HS is correct), and began shooting. Here are the number and adjustments

955, Sk – cw 1/2; 951, Sk – cw 12 to 2; 955, 958, Sk – cw 1/4; 950, (1900), Ms – ccw 1/4, 933, Ms – 6 to 7, 929, 927, 926, (1800), 927, 924, 920, 917, 920, 912, 911, 910, 909, (1700), 905, 903, 897 (~1600psi).
Total – 20 good shots

After the last adjustments to the Ms, I noticed the clouds were getting darker. So I just finished out the shot sting and packed it up for the time being. I believe the only thing I am going to do next is back off the Ms until I get the average needed. The hammer stroke seems to be okay now and the fill pressure is close to 2000 psi.

With the next GOB match right around the corner, I am trying to get my Marauder ready for my first match with it. If the sun comes out later today I will try a bit more testing.

Until next time… “Live long and prosper.” -Spock


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Canon SX120 IS – A Quick Look   6 comments

Greetings All,

Just the other day I received my new point-n-shoot camera. Since I sold all my other camera gear, I needed something to take some quick pictures of the family and various other subjects. After some research, and my bias for Canon, I settled on the SX120 IS. Time will tell if it was the best choice.

10x Optical Zoom, large rear screen

Personally I do not feel there is a need to have a 10 megapixel camera. I did not choose the SX120 for that reason. In fact one of the first options I changed was moving the camera down to 6 megapixels. Why? Very few people are going to print large prints (11×14 or larger) and thus he/she will never use the mass of pixels. The digital cameras now are in a pixel war and for some reason the consumer seems to think more pixels = better camera. In most cases this is simply not true.

I needed something that would perform reasonably fast (take the picture), have a larger zoom (3x is not going to cut it :)), work well with the flash, remain compact, and be programmable. So far, this little camera meets all of my current needs.

Here are just a few pictures I have taken with the camera.

In completing some homework, my youngest decided I needed some company.
Dalton helping the time go bye.

There are a few items to notice in the picture of Dalton. First, the focus point is not where I wanted it. I wanted the focus point to be on Dalton’s eyes. I will need to see if I can control the focus point. Second, the fill flash has not blown out everything. In fact it is not bad at all. It is a bit hot, but not bad for a point-n-shoot.

In the second picture of Dalton, it is still a decent photo.

Even though Dalton is close to the camera, the little flash did not overfill too much. Of course the flash is nothing close to my old 580EX atop my old Canon 10D, but that is an invalid comparison. The colors seem balanced and not over done.

The last picture is one that I will be using for my post on the new Hawke scope I received.

Here I changed a few settings. I pointed the camera toward the background and let it expose for that scene. I made a quick mental note of the settings (shutter speed, F-stop). I pointed the camera back at the rifle, decreased two f-stops and the picture is not pretty balanced. The fill flash again is not over done, but it could have been a bit stronger.

Overall not a bad camera. Time is the real story teller of the camera. I will wait for the story to be told.

Until next time… “Sheldor off-line” -Sheldon, Big Bang Theory

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Marauder Project – .22 Tuning (Part 3)   2 comments

Greetings All,

It appears as thought the provided manual is not consistent perhaps. My previous findings seem to hold true. Instead of resetting everything to zero and starting over, I decided to continue my testing from yesterday evening. I received a call regarding an issue at work (I am on call this week), so I was not able to finish.

I believe I am at a stopping point regarding the .22 Marauder after today’s tune. I reviewed my settings from yesterday and decided I would try decreasing the hammer stroke and see if I could get the fps to drop just a bit. I am about out of pellets to test, so I reviewed ChairGun Pro and it gives the following numbers. For Barracuda Match pellets, 800 fps for 30 fpe. For JSB Exact Heavy (18 grain), 866.2 for 30 fpe. I only had about 14-15 JSB Exacts, so I decided to used the JSB Heavy for testing.

Abbreviations are the same as before. HS = Hammer Spring; Sk = Hammer Stroke

Starting pressure: 2600 psi 873; I decreased the hammer stroke (Sk) one turn clockwise. 849, SK = +1/4 ccw, 872, SK = -1/4; 854, (~2550 psi), 856, 855, Err, 848, (~2500 psi), 854, 860, 858, 865, 865 (duplicate), (~2200 psi), 859, 854, 848, 847, (~2000 psi), 846, 836, 834, 828, (~1900 psi).

    High – 873, Low – 828, Average – 854, Extreme Spread – 45, Standard Deviation – 10 TOTAL – 26 shots

If the last three shots are removed and the two high shots removed, this might give a preview of the current settings. This gives a better feel for a sting from 2600 – 2000 psi.

    High – 866, Low – 846, Average – 855, Extreme Spread – 20; Standard Deviation – 5 TOTAL – 21 shots

To see where the fill pressure is (should be at around 2600 psi), I filled the gun to 2800 psi.
Here is the shot string:

804, 812, 825, 807, 809, 847, (~2700 psi), 833, 828, 844, (~2600 psi), 847, 846, 840, 854, (~2500 psi), 855, 860, 851, 861, (~2400 psi), 862, 862 (duplicate), 626 (loaded two pellets), 865, (~2300), 865, 864, 856, (~2200 psi), 862, 853, 858, 856, (~2050), Err, 840 (~2000 psi), 835

To see if it was any better this time, I deleted the shots before 2700psi and the 626.

    High – 865, Low – 828; Average – 851, Extreme Spread – 37; Standard Deviation – 10 TOTAL – 25 shots (24 if keep above 2000 psi)

Summary: [Beginning from extreme left]
HS – 7 1/4 turns
Sk – 8 1/2 turns
MS – 3 3/4 – 4 turns out

Of course each rifle is different and your results may vary.

I believe I have it as close as I am going to get it without a regulator. Of course I could be wrong, but it seems that from shot to shot the FPS is close. I can fill the gun to 2600 psi and get 20 fairly consistent shots in the 30 foot pounds of energy range. This should be adequate for removing groundhogs at 80 – 100 yards.
If you have other suggestions, please let me know.

I hope these series of tests are able to help someone. However, it seems that my gun differs from the manual (not sure why) and I am no gunsmith or expert of any kind regarding air rifles. At any rate, perhaps the tests can be of some help to some individual.

Next: tuning the .177 Marauder, Hawke SR Scope, and other items.

Until next time… same bat time and same bat channel.


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Marauder Project – .22 Tuning, Discrepancies   Leave a comment

Greetings All,

Well it appears there is some discrepancies between my findings, the manual, and what others have found. On a Crosman forum, Bob has noted there are conflicts in my settings and what the manual states (link).

Bob kindly also posted what the Crosman manual states (link). Here is what he noted:

“To increase the energy, turn the hammer spring preload adjuster clockwise (fig 11A), up to 6 revolutions, using a ¼ Allen wrench.

NOTE: More revolutions will simply cause the adjuster to spin but will
not yield any higher force. Increasing the preload will be required to
facilitate use of higher fill pressures.”

I’m guessing you had the adjuster spinning and didn’t know it hence the 8 1/4 turns CW to bottom.

Since I am very much a newbie to air rifles, tuning, and the Marauder… it is likely I am missing a step or not noticing something. I am going to set everything back to the lowest setting and try to closely note my findings.

I hope to start again today to tomorrow and detail my settings.


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