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In Acts 1:9-11, we read about the ascension of Jesus into heaven. One can look at regarding the significance of this event for Christians in a few different aspects. The first aspect being Jesus’ glorious ministry on earth ends. Of all the wonderful miracles performed by Jesus and proclaiming the truth, His time in His bodily form ceased and He continued the ministry in heaven. This is significant for the Christian because the Christian has the promise of knowing where he/she will be going upon death. Jesus stated He would be returning to heaven and preparing a place for the Christian (John 14:3). If Jesus never ascended to the place where our reservation was to occur, there is not much hope for the Christian (1 Cor. 15:14). The follower of Jesus would state that Jesus came, lived a powerful life, performed many miracles, and died in the same manner as everyone else.

The second aspect is the continuation of the work of Christ. Bock notes, “His departure means that they now have work to do. Jesus’ command means that they are not to gaze into the heavens idly, awaiting his return, but engage in the task Jesus has given then to do in the meantime.” (Bock) Jesus gives the command that all are to continue His ministry, thus it is very significant to the Christian. However, in today’s world we find this is not the case. Many in churches are more concerned with themselves and giving the appearance of good works. Others simply go to church, because “you are suppose to,” listen to the preacher, because “you are suppose to,” and then go home. There is no relationship with Jesus but the individual(s) feel as though their commitment has been fulfilled and thus God has no choice to allow them into heaven. Such individuals have no connection with Christ and will think little if anything of the work of Christ.

There are also individuals who will lay claim to their favorite pew, have their family name engraved into “their spot,” put their favorite slogan across their section (Just pew it!), and pour wrath upon those who dare begin to sit in “their spot.” These individuals have missed altogether the meaning of a relationship with Christ, the pouring of peace into one’s life, and the very reason over two thousand years of writings came together in one book – because they are that important and special. If those people are saved (one must question their salvation), they will not see the significance of continuing Christ’s work on earth.

Lastly, Christ’s ascension was imperative for the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) to come. One commentator states, “The Holy Spirit would empower the disciples as they ministered the gospel and waited for the kingdom.” (Walvoord, Zuck) The Holy Spirit was not to come until Jesus had ascended to the Father. Only then would the power of the Holy Spirit be given to the disciples. If Jesus decided to hang out at the local Starbucks for a while, the Holy Spirit would not have come at the right moment. There were forty short days (Acts 1:3) after Jesus arose from the dead to prepare His disciples and given many proofs of His resurrection.

With the Comforter’s arrival, the power of the Holy Spirit was given and God’s plan continued and does so to this day.

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