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After about a month worth of emails, forum postings, and a few phone calls, I was persuaded to go down to Pulaski, TN for an airgun field target match. I had just sold all three of my air rifles, so I had nothing to shoot with. Alas, I will go anyway as it may be fun to watch and learn.

Upon arrival I was greeted by several nice individuals who insisted on shooting a few pellets with their rifle. One such honor was a custom Theoben Vanquish.

Jeffro shooting the Vanquish.

If you are not aware of the rifle and the cost.. click here. Indeed, it was a joy to shoot and just plain fun.

For the match, I used a Benjamin Discovery and did okay. Nothing to brag about, that is for sure and for certain. Nevertheless, it was great fun talking with gentlemen about airguns and knocking down targets.

Jeffro and Discovery

Here is the owner of the beautiful Vanquish and I in the practice area.

Since that day I was hooked on field target (FT) shooting. I believe I have a new, cheaper hobby. I must say thank you to JohnB for discussing airguns with me, inviting me to the match, and even letting me shoot the entire match with his Discovery. Thank you John.

Until next time, same bat time – same bat channel.



Posted March 25, 2010 by avv604 in Airguns

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