Marauders coming… AR6 says goodbye   Leave a comment

After sending the AR6 to Pyramid Air, them testing it and finding nothing wrong, sending the rifle back, I received the rifle and fired some test shots. I no longer hear the air leaking from the fill valve on the AR6 and it fired the pellets without issues.

The buyer of the rifle decided to send a rifle case with the money order. I received the case last Friday afternoon. Friday evening I boxed everything in preparation for shipping Saturday.

Saturday morning I ran by the bank and put money order in. I took the rifle over to USPS and shipped it off. I received a delivery confirmation number and began the small journey back home. Once home, it was time to call Jim at Precision Airguns to order a .177 Marauder.

Currently I have two Marauders on order. The first is from Airguns of Arizona in .22 caliber. The .22 Marauder will be tuned to shoot heaver pellets and used for hunting. The second Marauder is in .177 caliber and will be used for field target (FT) shooting and the starlings or other bird pests that are around the farm. However, it will be mainly for FT shooting.

So after arriving at home, I called Jim at Precision Airguns and ordered a .177 Marauder. Jim is a delight to do business with and was very courteous on the phone. He asked what the rifle’s main purpose was for and discussed a bit about FT matches. He offered some advise to get started in FT shooting regarding equipment and the class. Jim stated the rifle will ship out today (3-22-2010) via UPS.

The next steps for the .177 Marauder are to purchase some pellets, find a chrony to use, and setup the Marauder for the hunter class. I currently do not have any .177 pellets, but those are easy to find.

When will the Airguns of Arizona (AoA) .22 Marauder arrive? I was told by a representative at AoA it could be two weeks or it could be four weeks. AoA was not sure when it would come in. In the meantime, I will have the .177 to keep me busy.


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