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Last year I purchased a Stoney Point bi-pod for my air rifles. Upon receiving the bi-pod from Cabelas, I noticed it seemed to be cheaply made. Yet there have been many rave reviews about it. So, I began to use it.

After two weeks the thin metal tubing received a slight dent. This dent would now hinder the leg from extending out properly.

Well, upon arriving at home after church yesterday my wife looks out the back window and up by the second barn there was, of all things, a groundhog! As I changed into my camo, my wife stood with binoculars watching the groundhog’s movements. I grabbed the AR6, Stoney Point bi-pod and made my way into position in the side lot.

In the setup, I spread out the sticks but upon shorting one of the legs… the plastic top “V” broke.

What in the world? Ooookay, so I move to another position (behind the old truck) and began to try to setup again. However, I could not seem to get steady enough, so when I fired… I hit him but he ran into the barn. “Great unsteady, bad shot batman!”

Oh well, perhaps I will catch him out today. 🙂

Needless to say, the Stoney Point bi-pod is not made very well. For the price, I was expecting better quality, and for the item to last quite a bit longer than it has.

The hunt for a new bi-pod begins. 🙂


Posted March 1, 2010 by avv604 in General

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