Jack Haley .457 on order….   4 comments

I talked with Reba yesterday and she states that I will be about another month or two before mine is completed.  The time will not be here soon enough. 🙂

Posted February 25, 2010 by avv604 in Airguns

4 responses to “Jack Haley .457 on order….

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  1. Yeah, I’m on the short list to receive my Jack Haley. I just talked to Reba about three days ago (for about an hour and half), and she sid mine will be done at the end of Dec, or Jan, maybe even sooner! Like you, I wanted mine the day before I even ordered it!

  2. Greetings Dave,

    I ended up canceling my order. After three months of waiting (which I knew on the front end) I found that I am not really in a position to be able to afford it. Purchasing the rifle is only part of the expense. The massive amount of air and expensive projectiles have moved me away from the big bores.


  3. Hay guys im from Australia and wanting to find out where can i order one of these 457

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